You invite, we indulge.

Hospitality is one of today’s most competitive and fast-paced industries. Keeping an edge over others now comes down to a matter of the finest details. It is these ‘little things’ that make a big difference. That’s where our range of bed, bath and table linen comes in - to offer your guests a comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable experience.


Table Linen

A meal isn't only remembered by the food and drinks. It is the ambience and the décor that add to the overall experience and make it memorable. Attractive table linen makes all the difference, adding a touch of colour and class to a restaurant or banquet.
We can customise our table cloths, runners, napkins to go with any décor. And we offer perfectly matched sets which will include frills, skirting, chair covers, table mats and fitted moultons.

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Bed Linen

Perhaps nothing is more important than how well your guests sleep at night. A good slumber is ensured by our ultra-comfortable bed linen products. These matching sets of bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets and duvet covers make your guests feel like they are idling in the lap of luxury.

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Bath Linen

Soft, pampering bath linen is something everyone looks forward to, it helps them feel refreshed and energised. Our towels and robes fit the bill perfectly. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes these products are easy to maintain and do not face much wear & tear. The bath mats and shower curtains add an aesthetic touch to your bathrooms, while serving effectively as water absorbers.

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